Fire poi!

Ever seen poi? They became quite popular a few years back and I can think of no better exercise for on the beach, by a fire or better yet… poi that you soak in kerosene and light! You can just put in your headphones and dance away swinging great balls of fire round your head like a loon! So much fun!

Māori origins of poi

Playing with poi can be a great tool for fitness and coordination, and can provide endless entertainment for all ages, and looks spectacular! There’s admittedly a bit of a learning curve, but plenty of YouTube instructional videos tailored for all skill levels, and the learning and satisfaction is fun all the way up! (YouTube lessons are linked right at the end of the post for you!)

It’s beach season! Time for a BBQ and party on the beach!

The poi I use are a woven Kevlar rope and head, making the flame part longer and it gives it a real cool effect as they spin, and the head and chain are sturdy and can take some abuse and still work fine!

If you’re interested in trying poi there are links to the stuff I used to learn further down, but below are the links to my fire poi and the led poi I used to use for practice… beware though, there’s a bit of a learning curve, if you’ve not done it before, start with the soft ones or be ready for some bruises!

Me at a festival

LED poi are a safer in between option too… they look cool at night and although until you’re practiced, can leave a bruise, but at least they are the only things lit up!

If you are new to poi and want to start out a little safer and get a few less bruises… please check out my affiliate links for the very same products I use, and can therefore wholeheartedly recommend!

The training poi are essentially cloth socks and require soft juggling balls as the weights, but I’ve included the link to my choice of balls too, below!

I can’t stress enough that playing with fire without safe practice can be dangerous so although I highly recommend them as a hobby and the specific products I have tested for performance and quality… anything you do is on you, not me, so take care!

Thanks for reading!

Please, follow for more and don’t forget to check out the products through my links! It really helps keep the lights on!


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