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World’s best headphones review!

In my opinion, headphones are essential for enjoying the soundtrack to life! Sony XM4 I used to be satisfied by just a half decent pair of wired ear buds, but there’s no excuse for wires with today’s technology… It’s all about Bluetooth! And not all Bluetooth is equal! High quality high definition audio and 3D… Continue reading World’s best headphones review!

Fire poi!

Ever seen poi? They became quite popular a few years back and I can think of no better exercise for on the beach, by a fire or better yet… poi that you soak in kerosene and light! You can just put in your headphones and dance away swinging great balls of fire round your head… Continue reading Fire poi!

That time I built a caravan…

Another guy simply asked me politely if I wouldn’t mind moving a few feet forward so my van was muffled by his thick conifers, understandable, as it was effectively a diesel generator, and he said the conifers blocked the noise completely and had no further issue… however the old posh Tbagger reported me to the… Continue reading That time I built a caravan…


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