World’s best headphones review!

In my opinion, headphones are essential for enjoying the soundtrack to life!

Sony XM4

I used to be satisfied by just a half decent pair of wired ear buds, but there’s no excuse for wires with today’s technology…

It’s all about Bluetooth! And not all Bluetooth is equal! High quality high definition audio and 3D surround sound needs a quality chip and signal. This technology is absolutely unbelievable, it’s like being in the room with the band, literally like being stood between the different instruments!

The 3D surround sound is interesting… we only have two ears right?… how does our brain tell if a noise is in front or behind? Up or down?…

Well, as sound passes through our heads from different directions, it’s frequency changes just slightly, enough for our subconscious to decide it’s either up or down, front or back… not all music is recorded in 3D audio, but Sony offer a music service that proves how good these headphones are and has a massive library of music recorded for 360 listening!

I dare you to listen to a bit of Bowie through regular stereo headphones, then with these bad boys in 360 audio, then just try to go back to anything less!

It’s like watching avengers on your 50 inch 8k tv… then dragging out the loft the old tv and vcr and watching the Incredible Hulk tv show from the 80s!

Next up is active noise cancelling! This is where the headphones sample the external sounds and remove those frequencies from what’s passed to your ear… it sounds pretty crazy but there’s a simple bit of physics and a complicated piece of technology to deal with it:

Basically the sound you want to cancel out is played at the opposite polarity… picture a wave as a diagram, if you played the same frequency directly on top it would double the amplitude, if you played it half the frequency off, it would cancel it out… it’s called superpositioning. Simple in principle but getting complicated frequencies canceled out in real time requires some clever computing and hardware…

This is why these headphones are so amazing! Not only do most noise cancelling headphones just use foam insulation to dull sounds, but even of the ones that use this crazy technology, which is many times better, none are as good as these headphones, and many are more expensive!

Between the 360 audio and the incredible active noise cancellation, these are revolutionary tech, that I can’t live without! I recommend watching a super HD movie in 3D, and listening not through the speakers, but through these! There is nothing more real than being there!

100% must have!

Please check out the links above! They fit their amazing technology in to earbuds too, if that’s your preference, but I prefer the headphones, even keeping out the loud sounds at a busy gym letting me train in peace to my own music, or even in near silence!

Yes, the active noise cancelling works even when not playing music… good for shutting out the world and thinking…

Please check out the links above, and subscribe for more genuine reviews, it really helps make it worthwhile! Thanks for reading!


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